Sonic and the Unexplored Passages

This strategy guide deserves a spot on my bookshelf because 1) it’s a reminder that, at some point in time, a publisher thought it was necessary to dedicate an entire book to secrets and strategies for Sega CD games and 2) this:


5 Responses to “Sonic and the Unexplored Passages”

  1. goobah Says:

    oh hai

    Is it safe to assume this is Zach Meston’s doing? The cover looks a lot like those old guides he did way back when.

  2. sardoose Says:

    Maybe! He worked with DeMaria on a bunch of guides back then, and I think he sometimes went uncredited.

    All strategy books back then had the same cover, anyway. Mostly wizards, a few dragons…and in this case, space dinosaurs, I guess.

  3. beckey Says:

    You should have seen this insane NES strategy guide I had when I was a kid. Boring inside, but the cover was covered in what appeared to be if Lemmings had babies with monkeys and then were drafted into a space war.

  4. goobah Says:

    Honestly, that’s basically the only reason I ever bought unauthorized guides when I was a kid, the art was so excellent in that “not resembling anything relevant at all” way. Kind of like when you gave a drawing to your parents and they let you know what an awesome cat it was, but really you were shooting for a monkey or a car or something (“What? No! That’s not a DINDASORE, that’s a-posed to be Willy Beamish!” “No, it’s — ohhh.. oh! Oh. No, it’s… it’s great. We’ll put it on the cover of the book, hon. I promise”).

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