I had lots of prototypes and unreleased stuff I wanted to talk about on this site eventually, but before I could get around to any of them, my good buddy Frank Cifaldi discovered the holy mother of them all — Bio Force Ape.

Frank and the Retronauts crew at 1UP played through the game — live and in full — in an episode of Game Night earlier this week, which you can now watch in slightly abridged form:

Part 1, in which Jeremy Parish wrestles with an ape
Part 2, featuring the best enemy character in history at 6:40
Part 3, in which the game takes a sadistic turn
Part 4, edited to remove ten minutes of monkeys falling off conveyor belts

Frank and company do a good job of explaining the game’s insane history, so I won’t bother prefacing it. Just know that this is something that you need to watch, if you’re at all interested in bizarre unreleased video games, stories of triumph against impossible odds, or mangaroos.

2 Responses to “BIO FORCE APE”

  1. ArnoldRimmer83 Says:

    Sorry but I gotta disagree with you and Frank. The break dancer is hilarious, but I think that guy with the alligator head for legs is more awesome.

  2. sardoose Says:

    I can agree with that, actually. The alligator legs guy is technically more awesome, but I still love that the breakdancer dies in one hit and is never seen again. Actually, I think I like the final boss more than either of them, because it’s such a hilarious anticlimax.

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