iPhone Game of the Day: Tampon Toss

Yeah. Really.

It is not a good time of the month for you and you’re feeling a little rebelious today at school… Grab hold of your tampons and let loose on your school and your fellow classmates with Tampon Toss (TM) the Game!

Tampon Toss is the only game that lets you release your anger and throw tampons, not only at school property, but at the people that drive you nuts too!

Besides releasing anger, you’ll be racking up points each time you hit something. Watch out though! If you throw too many tampons too quickly, you’ll be paying the principal a little visit!

The best part is that this thing is developed by PacMaps, a company previously devoted to producing GPS maps for places like Disneyland and SeaWorld. This is their first game.

I can only imagine that the idea came to PacMaps’ president in a moment of divine inspiration — complete with shimmering pillar of light and angelic choir — after which he gave up his previously lucrative career as an amusement park mapper to pursue his holy mission to finally — finally! — make a game about throwing tampons at people.

5 Responses to “iPhone Game of the Day: Tampon Toss”

  1. Vlcice Says:

    Geeze. Is there *anything* that’s too tacky for iPhone games?

  2. Xkeeper Says:

    As Amazing Butts helpfully demonstrated, no. No there is not.

  3. klarthailerion Says:

    If this is a game, I want a monkey poo-flinging game. Actually, that may already be out…

  4. Spinner 8 Says:


  5. AnimeCloud – The X Button Says:

    […] The realm of downloadable games, spanning consoles as well as handhelds and cell phones, is fascinating in what it offers: classic titles revived, independent creations exposed to a wide audience, and a lot of complete garbage clogging every avenue. Yet there are highlights each month, and it’s important to take note of what’s good or, at the very least, more interesting than a game about throwing away used tampons. […]

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