Happy April Fools’ Day! Perhaps you’d like to play a game with a superpowered wrestling ape in it. If that’s the case, I wrote up a little thing about Bio Force Ape here at Lost Levels. Would you believe that there’s a downloadable ROM in there somewhere? Dare you believe?

The article also includes a full playthrough from TheRedEye himself, Frank Cifaldi. It’s just like the good old days! Stay tuned — I’m converting Dream and Friends into a self-loathing blog/ROM distribution site in preparation for Weird-Ass Pirate Multicart Day 2011.

2 Responses to “Bio Force Ape UNLEASHED”

  1. Fabiopl Says:

    You know what would top Bio Force Ape? The discovery of the NES Super Mario World prototype.

  2. substrata Says:

    hey bro find Hard Drivin and Sim City for the NES okay thanks man

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