iPhone Game of the Day: Sperman

Feel the semen in your haaaaaand!
(Protect your ovum while you can)

(This might not be safe for work? Maybe?)

Have you ever experience sizzling hot party? This game must remind your memory of running into cool partners.

– “What a fantastic party!! So many cool girls are here!!”
– “Wait, wait oh! Did you see her? She winked at me. so flirty”
– I am going to tell her “Dance with me if you want to get some tonight”
– What can I do for my girl? Try this app

How do you play Sperman? Just tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to control the ovum. Dodge crazy s***ms!! If s***ms kiss your ovum, shake your iPhone frantically to get off them. Otherwise, mad s***ms keep digging the ovum.

I don’t know if this is a congratulations screen or a level title. Other stages include: Senior Prom! Office Christmas Party! Your Old Bedroom While Your Parents Are Asleep!

3 Responses to “iPhone Game of the Day: Sperman”

  1. Roscoe Says:

    I wonder if an HIV virus appears if you take too long to clear a level kinda like the Skel-Monsta in Bubble Bobble.

  2. hiv Says:

    thanks for the serious blog post

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