The Annotated Jurassic Boy 2

New Year’s Day often begins in a confusing haze. You may not remember much of what happened the night before, nor can you explain the aftermath.

This year, for instance, I woke up to find that, during the previous night’s festivities, I had fully produced a tool-assisted speed run for Sachen’s quintessential NES platformer Jurassic Boy 2.

It’s annotated throughout. Happy 2012!

[Credit: This video was inspired by Frank Cifaldi’s wonderful Mr. Gimmick annotated longplay. It may have also been inspired by Kentucky Deluxe brand whiskey.]

7 Responses to “The Annotated Jurassic Boy 2”

  1. Bridgeport Cat Says:

    Hope your vocal commentary on this speedrun doesn’t contain any interesting or pertinent info to the game but instead is a stream of shitty homophobic jokes!

  2. sardoose Says:

    Of course! I don’t think they’d allow it at Speed Demos Archive, otherwise.

  3. BBH Says:

    best TAS I’ve seen all year

  4. D Says:

    I think Youtube has a bug – no matter how many times I go back and watch the sick jump, it keeps telling me to watch it again. None of the walkthroughs seem to mention this.

  5. BMF54123 Says:

    Psh. REAL speedruns carefully manipulate the stack via obscure bugs in order to jump straight to the ending sequence.

  6. Smartblue Says:

    “It may have also been inspired by Kentucky”

  7. Bad Badger Says:



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