iPhone Game of the Day: Cassandra’s Journey: Legacy of Nostradamus

“Avallon Alliance, today proudly announce a great update to adventure and puzzle game ‘Cassandra’s Journey: Legacy of Nostradamus HD’. It is available for purchase and update at the AppStore for iPad. ‘Cassandra’s Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus HD’ is your ticket to the world of magic and adventures. Rich world of magical trinkets looks even more splendid on iPad!

Cassandra would like to follow in her grandmother’s fortune-telling footsteps and with the spirit of mysterious Nostradamus takes a trip, searching for the lost Ring. They meet diverse characters, visit beautiful locations, accomplish a lot of tasks and gradually find a surprising solution to the main riddle. Adventures take place in middle-ages and present time.”

It’s getting to the point where I can glance at an e-mail subject line and instantly identify a hidden object game, saving me the time it would take to read further. This particular app isn’t just a hidden object game, though! It’s also a match-three puzzler.

Give me two minutes and I bet I could come up some really good titles for hidden object games. Here goes:

  • Egypt Mystery: Legend of the Pharaoh
  • Aztec Legends: Journey of Fate
  • Secret Societies: Mystical Wonders
  • Lindsay’s Quest: Lands Beyond Time
  • Wonders of Power: Gem Incantations
  • Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner (oh wait)
  • Ethereal Place: Noun of Historical Figure
  • Waterfall Village: Kelsey’s Misty Travels

Oop, time’s up. Please contact me if you’d like to license any of these titles for your hidden object game for grandmas.

4 Responses to “iPhone Game of the Day: Cassandra’s Journey: Legacy of Nostradamus”

  1. Montoli Says:

    I like how there is just a baby sitting on top of the TV, wearing a crown. Because, you know. Where else do you put a baby? Who is also king?

    Where else indeed.

  2. sardoose Says:

    UPDATE: I’ve received an announcement for another exciting app that I totally called as a hidden object game based on its title alone, but it’s under strict embargo until July 15th. :(

  3. Spinner 8 Says:


  4. sardoose Says:

    I kept the embargo so well that I apparently deleted the email and forgot about the game entirely. Good thing PR exists, or I might have accidentally given the game some coverage.

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