Epic Fail


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  1. Spinner 8 Says:

    I wonder if the rest of the internet finds 4chanisms such as “fail” completely terrible, or if it’s just the three of us

  2. ArnoldRimmer83 Says:

    I think its just the three of you.

    Actually you can make that four cause I don’t like “fail” either.

  3. masterhibb Says:

    It’s probably just teenagers who like that crap. Of course, I think the term “teenager” probably covers ages 8-25 these days.

    But that’s a pretty important demographic with lots of free time and/or disposable income, so marketeers are literally paid to like it, too. That probably goes for bloggers, too, who really could care less as long as their pageviews go up.

    And you really can’t count out the ungracefully aging, who desperately want to be seen as young and “hip” by said teenagers, no matter what dumb things they have to do.

    Then there’s, of course, the irony factor. I mean, there’s a whole class of people out there who will throw up a LOLbeast BECAUSE it’s popular and they don’t like it (or, at least, tell themselves they don’t like it).

    There is probably also a not-insignificant contingent of web-outliers like the receptionist for whom the Internet is just where Facebook and Youtube live, or grandma forwarding emails on her new computer…people who don’t spend enough time online to really understand or be a part of the culture, but see enough of that sort of thing to figure that’s just the way it’s done. When in Rome, and all that…

    So let’s see, we’ve got adolescents, advertisers, bloggers, snarky assholes, 30/40-something poseurs, casual Facebookers, confused elderly…hmm.

    That really doesn’t seem to leave much Internet left, does it?

  4. Klarth Ailerion Says:

    It leaves the pedobears. Always the pedobears.

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