Casey Duck: Butter Duck

As someone who reports on mobile apps for an indie games news site, all sorts of innovative ideas and fun concepts are e-mailed to me daily. I’ve seen side-scrolling platformers, platformers with physics puzzles, platformers starring mascot characters, platformers about collecting things, and platformers where you pay the developers extra money so that you don’t have to collect as many things.

I don’t think anything could’ve prepared me for Casey Duck: Butter Duck.

According to developer Zyqued Games, “Casey Duck: Butter Duck is a fun mobile game, starring Casey Duck and his quest for his butter.” You can play it for free at Zyqued’s website. It’s also available as a free app for Android devices, the iPhone and iPod Touch, and for the iPad as Casey Duck HD.

I should mention that Zyqued’s marketing slogan is “Play or Else.” You may not have realized it when you woke up today, but your continued personal safety hinges on whether or not you play Casey Duck: Butter Duck within the next 48 hours. I hope you make the right choice.

Once you play the game, you might be surprised to discover that it’s not a marketing tie-in commissioned by, like, Land O’Lakes, or something. No branding is involved here; some creative spirit simply had an idea for a game about a duck — who, according to the game’s theme song, “eats only butter and drinks just ghee” — and then a team of designers, artists, and programmers sat down and made that game.

Then they released it for free. Zyqued’s website has minimal advertising, and the apps are ad-free, as far as I know. How does Casey Duck supplement Zyqued’s revenue stream? I have no idea.

Oh, would you like to hear the theme song for Casey Duck: Butter Duck?


The game itself finds Casey Duck searching for a savory stick of butter on the other side of his pond. Casey has no less than five attack moves at his disposal, which he can use to beat up on any lesser mammals he encounters during his quest. The journey is pretty easy up until the last level, after which it becomes stupidly difficult. And then it has the gall to end on a cliffhanger.

Below is a full playthrough of Casey Duck: Butter Duck. Sit back, crack open a jug of ghee, and slake your lust for butter as you watch this one.

[To keep up with the latest Casey Duck: Butter Duck news, please visit the official thread at Lost Levels.]

4 Responses to “Casey Duck: Butter Duck”

  1. TLDR Says:

    Heed the warning, people.

    The only reason I’ve ever heard of this was from the Lost Levels thread… I thought it was some sort of joke… and then I played it as soon as it was available…

    (Ghee is okay on roti, but I ain’t no butter duck drinkin it!)

  2. Steven Finch, Attorney at Law Says:

    Hey, I missed this because it didn’t appear in your RSS feed for some raisin!

    Luckily I stalk you across all social platforms and knew something was up when the videos appeared on YouTube.

  3. sebmal Says:

    where is casey duck: butter duck 2 i need to know what happens

  4. Armando X. Porter Says:

    Help Casey get his butter back ! Casey Duck is a fun mobile game, starring Casey Duck and his quest for his butter. It’s a silly adventure, a cute tilt-based cartoon game for kids and kids at heart.

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